Fenton, MI

Skilled Nursing Facility + Rehab Center
65,000 sq. ft. | New Construction
Completed 2015

In the eclectic town of Fenton, Michigan, The WellBridge Group purchased a wooded plot of land as a part of a planned unit development. Fenton is known for its historic architecture, a burgeoning dining and shopping district, and the beauty of its surrounding lakes, parks and forests. Planned in tandem with the Rochester Hills facility, this building shares a similar layout and architectural features, albeit with unique twists in key areas. A strong geometric motif is evident in the interior appointments.

Circles and squares are broadcast though wall coverings, light fixtures, tile patterns and window muntins. Playfully angled walls, sloped ceilings and arched passages add drama to interior spaces that flow from grand halls to intimate day spaces through the building’s public ways. Quiet resident corridors are tucked around corners, leading to resident suites that look and feel like a modern hotel room. Staff support areas like medicine rooms, janitor closets and linen storage are dispersed throughout the wings, reducing the need for noisy carts and unnecessary traffic through public spaces.