Midland, MI

Skilled Nursing Center
42,000 sq ft | Renovation + Addition
Completed 2011 (Phase 2)

With the first of five phases of interior renovation complete, this existing facility is poised to offer the highest quality physical and rehabilitation therapy services. A nineteen bed wing has been fully repurposed and converted to skilled nursing private rooms focused on short term rehabilitation.The remaining phases will continue to transform the facility to offer culture change within the full spectrum of resident-centered care.

The addition of a private day space and conversion of the resident rooms will give the hospice neighborhood the ability to better serve its patients and provide the privacy and comfort critical to residents and their families.As the renovation steps through the balance of the facility, large open living areas will replace corridor intersections to create day/dining spaces with new furnishing and finishes that provide a familiar homelike quality and scale. Spa, bathing and beauty options will surround the resident and offer the relaxation, dignity and privacy that such experiences deserve.

This facility will be completely transformed and positioned to provide state-of-the-art, resident-centered services that are critical to a vibrant aging population.