Milford Park Place

Skilled Nursing Center

Milford Park Place is a 30-bed addition to an existing nursing home nestled in a 27 acre wooded site in rural Milford, Michigan. This MediLodge facility was designed with special attention given to details both big and small. Familiar residential scales, textures and materials are predominant in interior and exterior detailing. Spacious private resident rooms tender views to a timbered hillside. European style private baths offer a modern personal space and maintain the dignity of the Lodger. Resident room wings have ten single bed rooms with porch-like recesses at each room entry.

Ceiling treatments respect each room’s doorway. This lends to a community-based design rather than the traditional long, double-loaded corridor model. Corridors are short and well appointed, recalling a pleasant upscale hotel stay. Dining and living areas are quaint and intimate. Three new dining rooms each serve a wing of ten residents. This provides a small, intimate dining experience similar to a restaurant or family home rather than a large institutional dining hall. A game room includes a Nintendo Wii, a pool table and game tables. The newly coined JavaLodge offers 24 hour snacks, coffee and treats in the tradition of contemporary coffeehouse culture.

With rich woodwork, rustic fireplaces and fine-living amenities, this built environment projects a hospitality-like aura in a serene, natural setting.