Montrose, MI

Skilled Nursing Facility
53,488 sq ft | Renovation + Addition
Completed 2012

The concept for this large addition and renovation was developed in conjunction with staff members, administrators, families, residents and the local community. This operation has three levels of care: short term rehabilitation, long term medically-complex care, and dementia care. Households in the long-term areas were designed with person-centered planning and services. A traditional front door stems from the main public areas. This provides an entrance experience similar to that of a private residence. Services are provided in each household near a service hub in an adjacent area. Amenities for daily living are provided in each neighborhood.

Warm interior finishes and appointments, varied ceiling heights and plenty of seating options allow for everything from a cozy conversation to a large family wedding. Flexibility in space programming offers many possible dining arrangements. Each household has living rooms, dining rooms, a kitchen, a laundromat and a game room. This variety of spaces is intended to foster a closer personal relationship between residents and staff.